Elise’s first post

Bunk bed?

Why a bunk bed? We got a bunk bed for Ming xi and I.

I really want Ming Xi to be my big sister, because I have three older brothers

So I want a girl in the family.

I can imagine Ming Xi and I being best friends.

I am just sooooo happy about it and it fells great!!!!!!

I will still be the baby in the family!!!!!!!!!!    YEAH FOR A SISTER!!!!!!

– Elise


5 responses to “Elise’s first post

  1. Oh honey, we are so happy for you. We can’t wait to see all of you next summer and to meet your new sister. Happy happy happy!! I could just cry because I miss you guys soooo much!
    Auntie Julie

  2. Elise! That new bunkbed is gorgeous! The little shelves are perfect for books and journals and pens and colored pencils and sharpeners! So excited for you all as you wait for sister to come home!
    Love and prayers,
    Cindy Voigt
    p.s. The ever-bouncing black lab, Kylie (aka Sadie) is doing GREAT! She is so pretty:) We are helping her learn to catch a frisbee:) Also, she makes music out of anything that comes in contact with her tail: wall drums, Christmas tree bell ornaments hung low:)

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