Buddhist Temple

On Thursday Dave got a call from his friend, Yi Jian, about going somewhere with him and his family.  Due to his language level Dave didn’t know what he had agreed to the week before (Learning language can be so fun!).   We quickly changed our plans for the day and all got ready to go out “somewhere”  in 30 minutes. We arranged to meet him in front of the noodle shop that he owns.

Yi Jian and his extended family took us to an old Buddhist Temple on the other side of town.  There were a LOT of people there, as every lunar New Year many people go to pay their respects to their dead ancestors and pray for peace and prosperity. There are many statues of different gods that people pray to and ask various things based on that particular god. They burn incense and give food offerings to the gods.

We ate lunch at a minority ethnic group restaurant and then walked around for a couple of hours.  As we finished walking through the crowds of people, our friends invited us out to dinner at a popular hot pot restaurant. Hot Pot is basically a flavored broth where you cook the meat/vegetables you order right at your table.    We enjoyed their company and the food for a couple of hours.

Update on adoption: Well it’s Chinese New Year so there is no update. Everyone is out enjoying the year of the dragon and everything is closed. We’re waiting on a government official to give us the OK to foster.  Please pray this official would contact the orphanage and give them the authorization to let us foster.


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