A Long 10 Minutes

A few weeks ago we left as a family to go downtown and have lunch and walk around.  We went out the door and pushed the elevator button.  Dave forgot something so he went back inside and said he’d meet us downstairs.  The kids and I got in, I pushed the button, the doors closed and Carter decided he wanted to jump.  Well, the elevator got stuck and we couldn’t get out.  When Dave came out he realized that our elevator was not moving.  We yelled to see if he could hear us and he replied.  So, we knew we hadn’t moved too far down.  Elise started to panic and cry and I reassured her it was going to be okay.  I didn’t know how long we would be stuck but I knew they would get us out eventually.  We picked up the emergency phone and it rang but nobody picked up.  A few minutes later we picked it up again.  Nobody answered again.  Carter and Clay opened the first layer of doors and we could see light so we knew we were at least at a floor.  Soon, we saw two screw drivers in the outer layer of doors.  It was Dave!  We were relieved.  There were also 3 security officers from our apartment complex, trying to decide how they were going to get us out. I am so thankful that the emergency phone worked, they were fast!  They arrived within 5 minutes.  Finally, I said we should let the doors close and try the button again because maybe it reset itself.  I was a little hesitant because I did not want to go down further and be stuck between floors.  We took a chance and it worked!  It went up the little way it had to go to our floor and we got out with the security officers watching us come out one by one, chuckling.

The CulpritBreaking elevators with a single bounce!

Adoption update:  We were attempting to foster the child we our adopting. Our request to foster was denied.  😦

We started the adoption paperwork more than a month ago and we are trying to jump through all of the legal hoops as fast as we can. It is so hard to wait when God has already given us a love for her and we can’t be together.  Please pray that this process goes quicker than we can ever hope for or imagine.  We start our homestudy on Monday, please keep us in your prayers!


2 responses to “A Long 10 Minutes

  1. I understand your frustration with the process! We are almost ready to finally start our homestudy, after almost 1 year of trying to get our paperwork in order to adopt from China.

    Keep up the good work! You’ll make it through!

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