$6.50 Massage

My husband has been trying to convince me for months to go and get a massage.  I went once a few months ago and got the foot bath with an upper body/foot massage and I enjoyed it.  I have always been hesitant to go for the one hour, full body massage because I have had a bad lower back for about 5 years and laying on my stomach aggravates it.  Today I took the plunge and went for it because I was desperate.  I tried explaining my problem to my masseuse and he wasn’t understanding me so Dave helped me out and told him what he could about my back.

The first thing he did was have me stick out my tongue and he looked at it and then took my pulse.  The last story I heard about someone doing this they told the girl she was pregnant and was correct!  I wasn’t worried about that, but Chinese medicine is one of those things that I can think is totally bizarre one moment and then be believing in the next.  I was nervous he was going to find something wrong with me!  I don’t think he came to any conclusions.  Even if he did…I wouldn’t understand anyway.

I lay on the massage table and he starts massaging my back and it feels nice.  Then he starts finding these pressure points and pushing in really deep and hard and it hurts so badly there are tears coming out of my eyes.  I push through.  He starts to get localized on the sore spot on my lower back.  All I can think in Chinese, “Wo qu shi le” (I have died), and wonder if I say that to him if it would be humorous or weird.  I am too embarrassed to say, “softer, not so hard”, so I endure.  I was so nervous that my hands and feet were cold and clammy and at the end he told my husband something about my hands and feet and that I should go and get this Chinese medicine to help with whatever he thinks my problem is…poor circulation?  I have no idea.   We bought the medicine at the pharmacy and will ask one of our teachers what exactly it is before I take anything.

I am hooked!  I will go back next week!  Two years ago I went many times to the chiropractor every week and spent a lot of money and just this one time was so much better and cost me only $6.50.  Wonderful!


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