We have such awesome friends here!  We were invited out with some friends to celebrate the Torch Festival.  We didn’t go to any performance or anything, they just wanted to share their afternoon/evening with us.  They didn’t let us pay for anything. They took us in a rented van up in to the mountains and we walked through a market where they bought fruit, corn (roasted over a fire), sunflower seeds, and mushrooms.

Does anyone know the name of this fruit?  It’s very good!

Then we walked down the mountain a little ways to a small village and sat, eating and chatting for a few hours.  It was a great time!

So thankful that our friends ordered the meal for us!

This looks like a really good spinich dip!  Well, it is a delicacy here and is made with stinky tofu.  I’ve tried this several times but just haven’t gotten the taste for it yet.

This is jellied tofu and is pretty good.

These are always a favorite!  Sweet potato fries!

These smoked eggs are delicious!  They are just like a hard boiled egg with a little smoky taste.  They also make great egg salad sandwiches.


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