Mid-Autumn Festival

Our friends brought us several moon cakes this mid-autumn festival.  The boxes are so colorful and shiny!  The actual cake has a thin delicate crust with a dense filling (red bean paste, lotus seed paste, jujube paste, and the ones we have mostly bitten in to are some sort of meat with granulated sugar).  We haven’t acquired a taste for them yet…we keep hoping to bite in to a custard filled one!  We are American and we do have a certain palate.

Our friends here have been so generous and giving during all of their holidays.  We are blessed.  They also took our whole family out for hot pot!  Hot pot is very popular in this region.  This time we ate goose hot pot!  It was so delicious, I am ready to go back.

We also ate foie gras for the first time, it wasn’t bad.

The goose wings were delicious…a lot bigger than a chicken wing!  (The steam is from the pot of broth in the middle of the table.)


Unfortunately due to the holiday here and Columbus Day, both of which the US Embassy in Guangzhou celebrate, our paperwork sat for two weeks! Now we’re back on track and our Article 5 is being picked up next Tuesday. Another week later we should be close to receiving the final authorization called TA. We have to coordinate the appointments from here, so Dave is handling all of that.
Thanks for praying!


5 responses to “Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. HAH! I love this! Hot pot is the best, and moon cakes, well, I don’t even bother biting into them any more! More power to you, for keeping the faith 🙂

  2. The feast looks awesome! I want to try Hot Pot!
    This is kind of how my Thanksgiving looks sometimes except with Filipino food.
    I must have missed a couple of blog posts, but it was exciting to see that you will be adopting. You and your family are doing wonderful things there, and I am looking forward to the day I take a risk and make a change like you.

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