The time has come!

A lot has happened the past few months…

August 23– LOA (Letter of Acceptance)

September 20–Form I800 approved

September 28–NVC (National Visa Center) cable sent

October 23–Article 5 issued

November 9—Travel Authorization!

We leave Sunday and then on Monday get to go and pick up our daughter!!!!


5 responses to “The time has come!

  1. Praise God! We rejoice with you, in all that the Lord has done and is doing! Blessings, safety and favor as you travel, in Jesus name, amen!

  2. So happy for you and your family,gd chose a wonderful family for her and I am sure a wonderful daughter for you.Stay safe in your travels,my prayer are with you.

  3. Lisa,

    This just made me cry. I’m so happy for you guys (and for your new daughter). She’s beautiful and I see the joy in her. She will come to know how blessed she is that the Lord gave her such a wonderful family to be a part of!

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