Together At Last

We left for Wuhan on November 11 and the following day we went to the Civil Affairs office where we were united with our daughter, Mindy!  She was dressed all in pink and she had a really big smile!  She was so happy!

On Wednesday we went to the orphanage and had a tour.  We had a very warm welcome and all of the workers and kids were so happy for Mindy.

We found our daughter through a caring mother who was adopting her son about a year ago at the same orphanage. This incredible lady took the time to advocate for other kids at the orphanage, and because of that we found Mindy. To continue that great idea, Dave asked the director of the orphanage directly if we could see all of the kids available for adoption. We (Dave a lot more than me) speak Chinese now and he has also learned some of the business culture. The director was very receptive and arranged for us to see all 11 kids on our list! It was a great day and I will do a future post on all of the kids.

Here are a few photos from this week.  As you can see Mindy smiles a lot and we are learning that she has quite the sense of humor.


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