More Than Beautiful


We are four months into adjusting to life with Mindy.  And if I could sum it up three words they would be ‘More Than Beautiful’!  These past few month have been really REALLY good!  My daughter, Elise, who is 10 has probably had the most changing and adjusting to do, but she has been wonderful with her new sister.


Instead of just praising God for this miraculous thing every DAY, I find myself wondering how can this be true?  I am in awe of what God has done and is doing.  It is absolutely a beautiful thing to be called “Mom” from day one.  It is like the day I was adopted into God’s family!  From day one I got to call God, “Father”!  He’s my heavenly Father and I can call on Him, call out to Him.  I don’t have to worry about being struck dead when I doubt His goodness and His love.  Because of Jesus I am in God’s family and it isn’t because I did something good or even because I said a little prayer.  Jesus did it and I trust in what He did for the whole human race!  It is finished.  Oh Happy Day!


4 responses to “More Than Beautiful

  1. We are so blessed with your family. even from the distance your lives are such an example. God has been great. there are no words.

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