More Than Beautiful


We are four months into adjusting to life with Mindy.  And if I could sum it up three words they would be ‘More Than Beautiful’!  These past few month have been really REALLY good!  My daughter, Elise, who is 10 has probably had the most changing and adjusting to do, but she has been wonderful with her new sister.


Instead of just praising God for this miraculous thing every DAY, I find myself wondering how can this be true?  I am in awe of what God has done and is doing.  It is absolutely a beautiful thing to be called “Mom” from day one.  It is like the day I was adopted into God’s family!  From day one I got to call God, “Father”!  He’s my heavenly Father and I can call on Him, call out to Him.  I don’t have to worry about being struck dead when I doubt His goodness and His love.  Because of Jesus I am in God’s family and it isn’t because I did something good or even because I said a little prayer.  Jesus did it and I trust in what He did for the whole human race!  It is finished.  Oh Happy Day!


Together At Last

We left for Wuhan on November 11 and the following day we went to the Civil Affairs office where we were united with our daughter, Mindy!  She was dressed all in pink and she had a really big smile!  She was so happy!

On Wednesday we went to the orphanage and had a tour.  We had a very warm welcome and all of the workers and kids were so happy for Mindy.

We found our daughter through a caring mother who was adopting her son about a year ago at the same orphanage. This incredible lady took the time to advocate for other kids at the orphanage, and because of that we found Mindy. To continue that great idea, Dave asked the director of the orphanage directly if we could see all of the kids available for adoption. We (Dave a lot more than me) speak Chinese now and he has also learned some of the business culture. The director was very receptive and arranged for us to see all 11 kids on our list! It was a great day and I will do a future post on all of the kids.

Here are a few photos from this week.  As you can see Mindy smiles a lot and we are learning that she has quite the sense of humor.

The time has come!

A lot has happened the past few months…

August 23– LOA (Letter of Acceptance)

September 20–Form I800 approved

September 28–NVC (National Visa Center) cable sent

October 23–Article 5 issued

November 9—Travel Authorization!

We leave Sunday and then on Monday get to go and pick up our daughter!!!!

Her Dream Come True!

It isn’t a trip to Disneyland, Sea World, competing in the Olympics, or building a multimillion dollar company.  Every orphan’s dream is being a permanent part of their own family.  A place to call home and people to call MY family.  Ming Xi (pronounced: Ming She) often draws about having a family:

It is an amazing thing to be somebody’s dream come true!  When I think about picking up our daughter I can’t help but get teary eyed.  Ming Xi has waited 11 years for a family to call her own and the time is approaching for her dream to be a reality.  I am extremely happy for her!  I am also a little sad because I know she will be leaving all that she has known; people, food, city, school, routine, etc.  I know there will be a grieving process for her.  I ache for her in that and hope that I will be all that she needs during that time.  I pray that God will give me his heart in all circumstances and each situation. We have some rough roads ahead, but He is able!

We are in the final stages of the adoption process and our paperwork is at the US Consulate in Guangzhou, China.  We are hoping that we will get travel approval in ONE MONTH to go and pick up our daughter!!!!!

Here She Is!

We introduce to you: Ming Xi!  We will name her Mindy Ming Xi. This is the precious girl that we started the adoption process for in December 2011.  Today we received a VERY important document in the mail from the China Center of Adoption Affairs called LOA! Our paperwork and hers have officially been matched! We have to send this document to the states for final approval and then wait a little longer.  Hopefully we will get to go and pick her up in early October and there will be one less orphan in the world. She has been waiting for a family for 11 1/2 years!

Lili’s Thoughts (10 yrs old)


There’s a voice out there that you might have already found, but some people haven’t.  When I heard about MX (my future sister), I lit up.  That voice and a very cool feeling was going on, but some people don’t know that voice and feeling.  So, then those people that don’t have that voice or feeling they don’t know who to adopt, but there is a way to have it; pray and sit in a quiet room and did you know God is that voice and did you also know that God talks to you every second so that means he’s always talking to you.  So listen for that voice.

I Gave Him/Her Up But Haven’t Forgotten


I am reading An-Ya and Her Diary by Diane Rene Christian, it is a novel that chronicles the journey of an 11 year old adoptee from China, written in diary format.   Ch.91  “As my body grows, the more I feel like I will never know the beginning of my story.  If only I could go back in time and see Her (biological mom) face and listen to Her conversations with Him (biological dad).  What did they say to each other?  How does a person decide to leave their baby and a book in the street under a gate?  How is it possible that She could decide that plan was the best thing to do?  It doesn’t make sense to me and it probably never will.  The bigger I get, the more confused I feel.  Because now I know that thousands of mothers have made the same decision that She made.  Elli’s mother left her too.  Every single child that was in my orphanage and orphanages around the world had mothers that made the same decision.  They left their children and never came back.  They left their children forever, and they will never know what happened to all of us.  How can that be?”

Lately I have been really burdened for all of the mothers who have chosen to or had to give up their children because they can’t afford to care for them or because of social/cultural pressure to do so.  When you are carrying a baby for 9 months and give birth to that child, you won’t ever forget that child.  I don’t understand a lot of things and orphans in the world is one of those things.  The only thing that makes sense to me is that it happens because God allows us all free-will and in a sinful world sometimes the choices we make are not His choice.  He is love and through adoption we see a glimpse of His love in this world.

I can only imagine what it is like for those mothers and fathers that give their children away.  The words that come to mind are aching, incompleteness, longing to know them, praying, overwhelming sadness, remember everyday and forever, special life moments missed,  tears, inconsolable crying,  lifetime of concern and wondering, sleepless nights, pacing,  broken heart, painful emptiness, guilt, bad feelings, great pain, love, sacrifice, etc.

My first adopted son said this about his biological mom, “I can’t say that I “love” her (because I simply don’t know her). But I am extremely grateful and blessed that she chose what was best for me. I would like to locate her, and my biological father (if either of them are still alive) someday. I am blessed that she didn’t act out of impulse and selfishness because my chances of survival would have been slim.”

This is in honor of my son’s mother and our soon to be daughter’s mother…THANK YOU for giving us a chance to raise and love your children, born from your womb.  It must have been so hard for you to walk away from your child.  I grieve for you.  I understand that it is painful emptiness, that you no longer have the child you birthed…God loves you and your child and made a way for your child to be loved here on earth.